Frequently Asked Questions
What is TEKNOFEST Aerospace and Technology Festival?
TEKNOFEST is a space and technology festival organized by the Turkey Technology Team Aerospace and Technology Festival Foundation (T3 Foundation) and Republic of Turkey Ministry of Industry and Technology. The first and only Aerospace and Technology Festival of Turkey is supported by the institutions which play an critical role in developing the national technology.
I have registered. What happens next ?
Congrats! Now you are a member of HICTF"21 Team. You can form or join a team, unless you want to do it all by yourself until July 16th. The next step will be the preselection stage. You will receive emails abouth instructions before July 30th.
I cannot login with my credentials. What is wrong?
Access to the contest panel will be disabled until the date of the contest. During this time, you can only update your profile information and team information.
What is the acceptable way of behaviour during the competition?
Activities such as swearing, consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs, disrespectful or unruly behavior, sexual harassment, improper physical contact, becoming argumentative, willful violence, or willful physical damage have no place at the competition and will not be tolerated. Violations of the rules can be deemed unprofessional conduct if determined to be intentional or malicious by competition officials.
What happens if participants violate competition rules?
Competitors behaving in an unprofessional manner may receive a warning from the Operations Team for their first offense. For egregious actions or for subsequent violations following a warning, competitors may have a penalty assessed against their team, be disqualified, and/or expelled from the competition site. Competitors expelled for unprofessional conduct will be banned from future HackIstanbul competitions for a period of no less than 12 months from the date of their expulsion.
Can I bring a bootable drive to attend final round?
No memory sticks, flash drives, removable drives, CDROMs, electronic media, or other similar electronic devices are allowed in the room during the competition unless specifically authorized by the Operations Team in advance. Any violation of these rules will result in disqualification of the team member and/or a penalty assigned to the appropriate team.